Transportation Endorsement

Transportation Endorsement

This course is designed to prepare Occupational First Aid Attendants, Level 1 or Level 2, with the skills and knowledge needed to move and transport injured/ill workers to medical aid.

All you will need to know about Transportation Endorsement

There are some medical emergencies and situations where it will make sense – or be necessary – to move a patient rather than wait for paramedics to arrive. It is critical that anyone moving an injured or ill worker know how to do so properly so that they can avoid causing further harm or damage.

The Occupational First Aid Certificate Transportation Endorsement (TE) course is an 8 hour course designed for students who already have a valid OFA Level 1 or OFA Level 2 or equivalent course.

In most cases, it is best not to move a person who is experiencing a medical emergency. There are some circumstances however where it might be necessary and advisable. During this course, you or your employees will learn about such situations and they will gain the knowledge of how to move a patient as safely has possible and get them to medical aid.

There are many useful components to the TE course including:

  • Applicable First Aid Regulations
  • Learning to handle and lift a patient properly
  • Techniques for immobilization both with a spine board as well as a basket stretcher
  • Learning to assess the patient and administer treatment during transportation
  • Transportation vehicles
  • Transportation by aircraft

What to Expect During a TE Course

The 8 hour course consists of three modules which build upon each other until the student is ready to be assessed for certification.

Module 1

Occupational First Aid Certificate Transportation Endorsement

In Module 1, students will review the Priority Action Approach and learn the proper assessments (pulses and breathing rate) necessary for an Occupational First Aid Attendant with a Transportation Endorsement.

The student will learn airway interventions including using a jaw thrust to open the airway, the proper use of a pocket mask in combination with a jaw thrust and the insertion of an oral airway.

Breathing interventions including artificial respiration, assisted ventilation and the use of oxygen will also be covered.

Module 2

Occupational First Aid Level 1

In Module 2, the student will learn how to prepare patients for transportation as well as how to move them in both lateral and supine positions. The methods covered follow the guidelines of the Occupational First Aid Transportation Endorsement Training Manual.

Students will learn proper positioning of the patient as well as packaging and immobilization techniques including reasons for patient packaging and immobilization, what equipment will be necessary, and proper securing techniques.

Furthermore, students will learn how to move a patient who is in the prone position to being in the supine position and to conduct a Primary Survey on a patient who is prone and unresponsive.

Preparation techniques covered in this course include learning to apply a hard collar to the patient, positioning and securing a patient in a supine position on a supine board and positioning and securing a patient in a lateral position on a supine board.

Module 3

Occupational First Aid Certificate Transportation Endorsement

Module 3 consists of an evaluation by the course instructor.


Upon completion of the course, students will be evaluated by the course instructor and upon successful completion will become certified in TE.

This certification will be valid for three years.

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