Standard First Aid Recertification

The Standard First Aid Recertification course covers the skills outlined in the Standard First Aid course.

SFA Recert: All You Need to Know About CPR

For students with certification in Standard First Aid and CPR, it is necessary to take a recertification course at least every three years (before your current certification expires), in order to remain certified. In addition to keeping your papers up to date, there are other good reasons to take this refresher course every few years.

Why Take SFA Recert?

For most people, first aid and CPR are not things that they practice on a regular basis. If it has been some time since you’ve reviewed proper techniques, it is always a good idea to go over them again with qualified instructors so that if the need ever arises where you must use them in a real life and death scenario, you are both competent and confident enough to use those skills.

Another good reason to continue to get recertified is that sometimes techniques and best practices change. Occasionally better, easier and more effective techniques for first aid are discovered or developed and the student handbook is updated accordingly. Without regular recertification, you may be unaware of updates.

What to Expect During SFA Recert

In the recertification course, you will review all of the skills covered in the Standard First Aid plus CPR course within a condensed timeframe (eight hours). It is recommended that you come to the class dressed in comfortable clothing as the session will consist of both theoretical (classroom) and practical (hands-on) learning.

Who Can Take SFA Recert?

To be eligible to take the recertification course, you must hold a current SFA certification and bring it to the class with you. Students with expired certifications will be required to take Standard First Aid again. It is always recommended that students keep their certification up to date.

What Will Be Covered?

During the SFA Recertification Course, the following will be covered:

Airway and breathing emergencies for adults, children and infants

Circulatory emergencies
First aid emergencies
Sudden medical conditions


At the end of the session, students will be required to demonstrate proper techniques as well as pass a multiple choice exam. Upon successful completion, recertification will be issued which will be valid for three years.

Why Choose ProSafe?

Whether you obtained your original certification with us or with another institution, ProSafe First Aid Training School can meet your needs for SFA recertification. We offer flexible course schedules as well as a clean and comfortable learning space. If you have a group of eight or more students who wish to take the same course, we can even come to your workplace or another suitable location. Our instructors are all highly qualified professionals with a passion to help others learn proven life-saving techniques.

All of the first aid courses that we teach are recognized by the Canadian Red Cross. That means they will also be recognized by your employer (or any other organization that requires you to be certified.)

If you are looking for a professional and friendly environment with top quality instructors to take your Standard First Aid Recertification, give us a call today.