Occupational First Aid Level 2

Occupational First Aid Level 2

Occupational First Aid Level 2 is a program designed to cover all medical techniques considered to be within the responsibility of the Occupational First Aid Attendant in industry.

OFA Level 2: An Overview of What You Will Learn

Occupational First Aid Level 2 is a first aid course which covers all of the necessary techniques required for an Occupational First Aid Attendant in industry. Although more comprehensive and intense than our level one course, level two is still considered an introductory course, and as such does not require any previous first aid training or experience.

To participate in this 36 hour (one week) course, you must be at least 16 years old and be physically capable of performing the emergency first aid techniques that will be covered in the curriculum.

Why Take OFA Level 2?

Having employees with first aid training can be a huge benefit to any company. Not only are your staff better prepared to deal with any medical emergency that might arise on the job, it also shows that you as an employer care about your people.

If you’re looking for an occupational first aid course that goes beyond a single day of training (level 1), but are unable to commit to the full 70 hours of level 3, then level 2 may be your best choice. You or your employees will get a full week of first aid training – both at the theoretical (classroom) level as well as practical training.

Occupational First Aid Level 2

What Will You Learn?

OFA Level 2 will teach your employees to recognize, identify and respond to various medical emergencies which may happen in the workplace.

Among the skills that you may expect to learn are:
  • Learn First Aid Skills

    Upon completion of the course, students will have the skills to demonstrate the Priority Action Approach during medical emergencies for patients with a decreased level of consciousness.

  • Manage Critical Interventions

    Identifying and managing critical interventions of the airway with C-spine control for conscious patients and patients with a decreased level of consciousness. In other words, you will learn how to help a patient breathe more easily without causing harm or damage to the spine.

  • Identifying Respiratory Emergencies

    Identifying respiratory emergencies and managing critical interventions.

  • Identifying Circulatory Emergencies

    Identifying circulatory emergencies and managing critical interventions for patients who are conscious and for patients who have a decreased level of consciousness.

  • Conduct Secondary Survey Components

    Learning to conduct the secondary survey component of the Priority Action Approach for individuals who require urgent medical attention as well as patients in the first aid room.

  • Assess Medical Conditions

    Participants will also learn how to assess, manage and identify a patient’s need for medical aid referral for soft tissue injuries.

What course materials will you need?

As OFA Level 2 is a more comprehensive course, it is important that you pick up your materials prior to the start of the course and complete the pre-course reading. Your materials will consist of:

  • Manuals

    A Training and Reference Manual

  • Guides

    Occupational First Aid Training Guide


Upon completion of OFA Level 2, you will be required to pass an examination conducted by an Instructor. The exam will consist of both written and practical segments. A grade of 70% or higher is required for successful certification.

OFA Level 2 certification is valid for three years following the examination.

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